Where’s your office?
We proudly have offices in both North and South America.
How many video editing hours will it take to edit my video?
The two biggest factors that determine how long your video will take to edit is the amount of footage you provide us with and how long you want the final video to be. We suggested that you contact our live chat or email videos@flixation.co for an accurate quote.
Can the videos be sized for social media?
Of course! We can properly size your video for any viewing platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, some newfangled device? We have you covered!
How can I send you my video footage?
There are two ways to send us your video footage.The first way is to upload your footage to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google drive and share us the link so we can download your footage.The second way is to mail us a hard drive with your footage. After we’re done editing, we’ll mail back your hard drive
Do you just ship your video editing somewhere else?
No! We are proud to say that we have an in-house team of editors to handle all of your editing requests in both North and South America.
I run a video production company or agency and would love for your service to handle all of our video editing work. Is that possible?
Yes! We proudly fulfill video requests for agencies and video production companies all across the world. We’ve found that it allows your company to scale, while still providing quality services to your clients at an affordable rate.
Where can I post these videos?
We produce videos for all platforms! The most popular are: Websites, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, we’re capable of producing and properly sizing for any platform.
How does the process work?
We believe video production should be simplified, so we a streamlined process to create your videos.Step 1) Order a pack of video editing hoursStep 2) Fill out a video brief outlining the vision of your videoStep 3) Send us your footageStep 4) We edit your video in 5 business days or less
Will I be able to communicate with the video editor?
We’ll send you project status notifications at each stage of the process. We also provide a dashboard which allows you to have a live look at the progress we’ve made on your project. We’ve also implemented a software which allows you to click on any point of the video and make edit requests.
How can you offer such reasonable rates and still provide quality work?
At Flixation, we believe video editing should be simplified. After producing thousands of videos for clients all across the world, we’ve found a way to streamline the entire video editing process and eliminate overhead while still delivering highly professional videos.
What happens if more hours are needed?
We’ll notify you if we believe your project will require more hours than expected.
What happens if you don’t use all the hours I purchased?
Your hours never expire! They simply roll over and are applied to any future video projects.